Post from Prentice Hospital

We were admitted to the hospital around midnight on 9/28. I can’t believe I’m writing this now, but I’m not allowed to be in the room while Caitlin is having her epidural put in. I’m wandering around the hospital in search of a vending machine while they are performing the procedure. Caitlin’s dilated to 5cm, they’ve broken her water, and so far everything is proceeding smoothly. If there are more breaks I can write some more, but this will likely be it until our boy arrives. We are so excited.

Bump Transformation

I put together this collage of pictures we’ve been taking of the baby-boy-bump over time. It’s a remarkable transformation overall and demonstrates how much growth comes towards the end of the pregnancy – at least in our case. Today is actually our due date – 9/27 and while Caitlin’s feeling something – we’re not exactly sure how long it will be until the little guy is born. We’re thinking it’s going to be soon, but that’s what we thought last week! Enjoy.

The evolution of Caitlin's pregnancy

JCP No More

DDB (of which Tribal DDB – my company – is a part) recently lost the JC Penney account – much to the surprise of all those who worked on the account. The team did great work for them – and it was a sad and sudden parting of ways. I don’t know yet what I’ll be working on, but once I get a whiff of what the next big thing is, I’ll post it here.