Ryder’s first Christmas (3 Months)

Ryder’s three months old, and we are beginning to feel like we might be able to get the hang of this parenthood thing. We have returned from a beautiful visit to California where Ryder got to enjoy his first Christmas and to meet his great-grandparents. Everybody seemed to get along marvelously; Ryder edges out the great grandparents in terms of total number of naps, but only by a hair. Speaking of which, he has rubbed off most of his on the back of his head, creating a strangely fascinating “reverse monk” pattern. We hope that this is phase that passes sooner rather than later. We enjoyed some great weather in the desert, even though our home of Chicago has been unseasonably warm thus far this winter. Now that I’ve pronounced that, I’m sure it won’t last.

Ryder's 1st Christmas

Anyway – it’s hard to sum up the three months. It’s been fantastic, but certainly requiring the best of us to make it all work. Caitlin begins work this coming week, so we’re getting prepared for a new stage around here. We’ll keep everyone posted on how day care is treating us and the ins and outs of life. Now – of course, there’s lots I could write and talk about that’s happened in the three months, but let me more just make a public resolution to post to the blog more often. Future update topics that look promising include: things that Ryder puts in his mouth, Ryder’s friend Parker Johnson, day care, and parental status. Keep us honest! Cheers.

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