You are not ‘funny’

Ryder - Not Amused

Apparently Ryder is at the stage where he should be giggling. My mom came for a visit a few weeks ago with one of her goals being just that. Make Ryder giggle. This turned out to be a lofty goal (see Day Care is a Hot Zone) as the buddy wasn’t feeling his tiptop self. My mom left dejected, but certain that we’d get a giggle any day. About a week ago I took him to the doctor for a well-baby visit to get some vaccinations, and check in on his overall health. So, the doctor was asking me questions about his development…Does he smile? Check. Does he grab things? Check. Does he roll over? Check (slightly ahead of schedule apparently. bravo.) Does he giggle? No. Long pause. Thoughts were swirling in my head…maybe he doesn’t think talking crazy and making goofy noises is funny. Maybe he has a refined sense of humor and he’s just waiting for the good stuff…sarcasm. Of course I went home and started on a crazed frenzy trying to elicit a giggle. Day after day. Ryan got on board this past weekend. I hear him yell from the other room, “Quick, Cait hurry!” I run in and Ryan says, “he did it! he giggled…twice!”. 
Apparently my presence crushed the excitement as subsequent tries yielded only a few smiles and a tiny fart. 
At least I can rest easy for the next doctor’s visit.

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