Expiration States

Milk Carton - Expiration Closeup

Most relationships share a foundation of common interests and beliefs. Ours is no exception. There is however, an area within our marriage in which Caitlin and I have retreated to our separate ideological corners: food safety. The meaning of the phrase “food safety” may not be immediately clear to an outsider, but it is an issue which comes up so frequently within our household, that we’ve come to agree on that as the proper name for that as the area of debate. Specifically, food safety refers to the time period or conditions under which food may or may not be safe for human consumption. Continue reading

Fiesty Chatting

Our boy Ryder has developed a penchant for chatting. From time to time, this chatter becomes quite insistent or even strained. The crazier it sounds, the more humorous Caitlin and I find it. In the spirit of sharing, and because we want to try embedding video within our site as a test for future videos, please enjoy the following clip:

Fiesty Chatter on Vimeo


So it turns out that Caitlin and I ended up with a child that hates napping. The irony of this genetic improbability is not lost on either of us. While I don’t actually nap nearly as much as I would like, the concept of napping still occupies a fond place in my heart. Unfortunately, most of all the time spent warmly contemplating naptime’s beauty, unsurprisingly, is done while fully awake. Standing in stark contrast is Ryder who apparently has made it his business to sully naptime’s good name. Very often when we try to put him down for a nap, he contorts and thrashes wildly. Continue reading