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Elmo Riding on Ryder's Back

if it was the seventies you’d probably think I was talking about some sort of upper, but no, it’s 2008 and we have a kid. I am talking about elmo. the elmo phenomenon came swiftly and surely into our house about a month or so ago. we’d had a book called “how big is elmo” for months, but something just clicked recently and it’s been an all out elmo frenzy. Continue reading

We (are perfectly willing to) recommend: Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew

Dr. Drew Pinsky, stud.Occasionally, we recommend various television programs that we watch. So occasionally, in fact, I think that this is only the second recommendation that we’ve undertaken. And really, the first one was a movie. As it stands, it’s a fairly tepid recommendation. Nevertheless, I’m content to proceed with that. Recently, after watching a lengthy, emotionally intense preview of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew on VH1 at a friend’s house, I became interested in watching the show. This was in the face of considerable ambivalence displayed by my fellow television watchers. My friend’s girlfriend asked “Who would ever want to watch a show like that?” I timidly raised my hand and indicated that I now intended to sign up as a potential long-term viewer. Continue reading