We (are perfectly willing to) recommend: Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew

Dr. Drew Pinsky, stud.Occasionally, we recommend various television programs that we watch. So occasionally, in fact, I think that this is only the second recommendation that we’ve undertaken. And really, the first one was a movie. As it stands, it’s a fairly tepid recommendation. Nevertheless, I’m content to proceed with that. Recently, after watching a lengthy, emotionally intense preview of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew on VH1 at a friend’s house, I became interested in watching the show. This was in the face of considerable ambivalence displayed by my fellow television watchers. My friend’s girlfriend asked “Who would ever want to watch a show like that?” I timidly raised my hand and indicated that I now intended to sign up as a potential long-term viewer.

The program has not, so far, disappointed. It has made the substantial leap, in our DVR-centric household, from some background crap that I tape that I can play in the background while I’m doing the dishes, to a full-on must-see TV program. Caitlin, who was initially disgusted by both the premise and its sad cast of characters, has been thoroughly sucked in as a show supporter. She went from lurking around the house, conspicuously ignoring the program, to finally the two of us sitting down on the couch together and rapturously watching the program. In fact, we watched three episodes in a row, and it would have been except for that was the full cadre of episodes that we had available to us. We were then tortured over the next week and half as we waited for more episodes to be released, only to be taunted as old episodes would frequently shuffle their way into our DVR.

One might make the argument that the show’s title is misleading. The patients at the treatment are celebrities in the same way that the “stars” on Dancing with the Stars are stars. That is, they’re really not. They’re a cast of dubiously famous people, ranging from a Baldwin brother I’d never heard of (but who is indeed, most definitely, a Baldwin brother), to an American Idol finalist (I never watch the show, so I can’t comment on the degree of celebrity attained by non-winners), to a woman I honestly have not been able to figure out her name, much less what she’s famous for. Since we no longer possess the pilot episodes, I’m unable to go back and see the introductions to each of these folks, I’m stipulating the fact that this particular woman is in fact “a celebrity.” All that being said, we’ve begun to really root for these folks to get well, and taking some entertainment in their ridiculous antics along the way.

By episode four, it became apparent that Caitlin has developed a crush on Dr. Drew Pinsky. One evening, as I was watching television on the couch alone, she returned from a internet research sortie, the type of which she is both enthusiastic and well-equipped to conduct. She reported to me some information she’d discovered about his medical background and his personal affairs. Apparently Dr. Drew is the father of triplet girls, and Caitlin has discovered through either sources on the internet or serendipitous personal connections to his hometown of Pasadena that no less that pure scandal rocked the Pasadena high school scene, when two, but not all three of his triplets were admitted to the desirable high school of their choice. Caitlin had been won over by Dr. Drew’s easy and sincere care of his patients, as well his general stud factor. I confronted her, and she confirmed: she thinks Dr. Drew’s a hottie. Unfortunately for the reputation of my own masculinity, I’m inclined to agree. He’s got massive biceps for an otherwise slender but athletic man. And he’s a doctor! It didn’t take too much arm twisting for me to to agree that I was in the throes of my own man-crush on Dr. Drew. I’m perfectly comfortable with it at this point.

I may, however, eventually need to enter treatment for my deteriorating man-crush condition at some point and I think my process of breaking this addiction may need to be constantly monitored by cameras and edited for television. The only suitable doctor to help me through this painful but necessary process? Dr. Drew Pinsky.

Stay tuned for more episodes.


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