Ice Cream

Recently, Ryder was fixing imaginary ice cream and serving it to Caitlin while she was feeding baby girl Maisy. Caitlin asked him what flavors he was serving her.
He responded, “Talk-lid. And D’nilla.”

That’s right. Taklid and Dnilla.
And I’m pretty sure Caitlin thought it was delicious.

Look! Check out Min and John and Ji-Oh’s blog

Caitlin’s been bogarting this link for a while, but finally she hooked it up. We just added our friends, Min, John and their son Ji-Oh to the sidebar. It’s really not the biggest news, but back-off, because hey, it’s all we’ve got right now. Min does a great job keeping the blog updated, unlike us…So, we just thought we’d put an actual post highlighting this fact. Since they moved to Houston and left us in the bitter cold of Chicago, this is the best way for us to keep up on the crazy Ji-Oh stories.

Their Blog