What He Saying: Vol. 02

Ryder in LS

Ryder in Lincoln Square

Ryder has been continuing his quotable streak – as a typical two year old does. Here are some fresh ones:

Maisy was fussing one morning and Ryder got close to her and said, “Don’t be sad, be pumped Maisy!”

Sometimes during dinner Ryder will recount things that happened during the day so that Ryan can know what happens while he is at work. This is a nap time account from Ryder; he uttered this whole sentence in about two seconds without taking a breath:
“Mommy said it’s nap time. I said no, it’s not nap time ’cause I had a poop coming down.”

After dinner one night…
Ryan: “Would you like an ice cream treat?”
Ryder: “Yes! I am going to eat it good as new.”

Ryan and Ryder were eating some bagels…
Ryan: “Thanks for sharing.”
Ryder: “Thanks for sharing with you.”

At our local sandwich shop, we sometimes get an Oreo shake, which usually has tiny Oreo cookies on top. One time, there weren’t any tiny Oreos on top…
Ryder: “Are there any brown cookies?”
Caitlin: “No, but we can get some at Trader Joes.”
Ryder: “Ooh that’s a bright idea.”

One night I made fish for dinner. As any parent of a toddler knows, getting them to eat can be an issue.
Caitlin: “Mommy made fish for dinner, are you going to try it?”
Ryder: “I’m going to try the fish*, it’s mighty good for me.”
*turned out to be a lie.

Ryan: “Ryder, should I put this Elmo bib on you?”
Ryder: “Yes, that would do the trick.”

Sometimes when Ryder wakes up in the morning, he’s not quite ready to wake up. He can have some very sad times waking up. After a while, he typically calms down, and we can reflect on the events of the morning. One such morning, the following exchange took place.
Caitlin: “Why were you crying this morning?”
Ryder: “That was a mess.”

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