Ha. LOL. Chuckle.



People laugh at their own jokes. I know this because I do and I’ve seen others do it too.  It’s cool, it’s no big thing unless maybe you have a very hearty laugh that drowns out the chuckles of your audience. What I do find uncool is the excessive use of LOL and all its acronym friends when one is writing. I am not talking about finding something that someone else writes as funny, but something that you write and then self-LOL. Often, when I have seen it, the stuff isn’t even that funny. It’s more like a statement, for example: “I am starting to like going to the grocery store. I must be getting old. LOL.” What? That’s not funny. It’s not funny at all. And adding LOL to the end doesn’t make me think it’s funny.

It’s time some people get with the program. LOL.


Maisy girl doesn’t get a lot of play on the blog. This is not because she is less loved in any way, it’s just that she has a smaller repertoire of bloggable activities right now. There are, however, a few we’d like to cover. (Please keep in mind, I started this post some time ago. She’s adding bloggable activities all the time. Trust us, she’s awesome).