What He Sayin’: Vol. 03

Pondering amusing things to say.

Pondering amusing things to say.

A few weeks ago, we told Ryder we were going to change his diaper. It was obvious he was toting a full load in there. He was walking to his bedroom to get changed, when he did a quick turn:
Ryder: “I’m gonna pick my bunny up. He might have a poop too.”

Here is a bit of conversation between Ryan and Ryder while hanging out:
Ryan: “I love Maisy, I love Ryder.”
Ryder: “And you love Mommy.”
Ryan: “Yes, I love Mommy.”
Ryder: “Maisy loves my pants.”

This is a conversation during a lunch of pasta with broccoli one day:
Ryder: “I love my lunch.”
Caitlin: “Great! I am glad.”
Ryder: “It’s nice and moist.”

On the Potty. Ahead of his time.

There has been a lot of potty talk lately, as we are in the midst of potty training. Here is some insight into the bribery system we run around here:
Ryan: “What do we do after we go to the bathroom?”
Ryder: “Wash our hands, pull up our underwear, and eat all of our jellybeans.”

We have been talking about dental hygiene around here lately. Partly because our recent trips to the dentist have yielded sup-par results. Ryder was resisting having his teeth brushed one night. I tried to use my (unfortunately chosen) gold filling to prove teeth brushing was a worthwhile endeavor.
Ryan: “You have to brush your teeth so you don’t get cavities. If you don’t brush, you might have to get a filing like this.” (Opens mouth, shows filing).
Ryder [clearly disturbed]: “What’s that? It’s like a grey thing. Like in your mouth.”

In the same vein, we talked about why we have to go see Dr. Mary who is Ryder’s dentist. We talked about cleaning your teeth for Dr. Mary and how lots of sugar could be bad for your teeth.
Ryder: “Why are we gonna go see Dr. Mary?”
Ryan: “So she can clean your teeth really good, clean everything off them.”
Ryder: “Cause remember, when I was pouring sugar all over the floor?”


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