Old School Vocabulary

Real Words are For Nerds

Real Words are For Nerds

Nowadays, Ryder speaks pretty clearly for a kid his age, at least when he’s not crushing us with whining or the other verbal antics typical of an almost 3 year old. This wasn’t always the case. Since we’re his parents, we’ve almost always been able to understand him, but there were some times when it took a particular understanding of his unique and colorful vocabulary. Here’s a primer of what we could remember from his old vocabulary:

  • Peendoh: tomato
  • Goko: squirrel*
  • Racoot: racoon
  • Yabogook: ladybug
  • Weeki: Kiwi (fruit)
  • Kineapple: Pineapple
  • Mazageen: Magazine

And some variation on a theme – sometimes it’s all about the context:

  • Bakeebah: broccoli
  • Bakeebah: bicycle
  • Mobakeebah: motorcycle

And the showstopper.
Drumroll please….

  • Alloowah: I love you.

*Ryder once told us: “Gokos love donuts.” We later came to understand that while it didn’t make much sense on the face of it, but the word “donuts” contains “nuts” and we had already talked about how squirrels loved nuts. See, it makes perfect sense.

Old School Vocab in Action

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