Rolling Around

Maisy girl has started rolling!* Front to back, back to front. You’d think it would be pretty blase after seeing Ryder do it and then follow it up with so many fun developmental things, but it’s great. I will tell you though, rolling is simply a means to an end for Maisy. Like most little teethers, Maisy is constantly putting something or trying to put something in her mouth. A hand, a finger, a thumb, a shirt, a dress, a chewy or anything else within her tiny reach is fair game. Basically, I have noticed that rolling simply happens as she tries to shove something in her mouth; she loses balance and rolls over. It’s real cute. Maybe that’s what all babies do? I feel like some have more directed purpose to their rolls.

*This happened quite a while ago; Ryan is just getting around to lurking the blog and figuring out what we’ve got in the draft section that can actually be published. Admittedly, this is pretty borderline. But since Maisy’s not getting the press she deserves, here we go anyways.

Tri Tri Again

At the Finish Line

At the Finish Line

On August 30th, about three weeks ago, I completed the Chicago Triathlon for the second time. Not the second time that day – the second time in my life. Actually the third, if you count the Super Sprint triathlon I did three years ago. Which was a good beginning to my triathlon-ing, but not even held on the same day as the main events events of the Chicago Triathlon. So we’ll leave that one off the tally. Continue reading

This Happened

Last night A while ago we had dinner at our friend’s – Grant and Tessa – house. They have two little ones named Remi (almost 3 years old and Schafer 9 mo.) Remi likes Maisy a lot; she gives her gentle pats and often says sweet things to her. After dinner, Ryan was holding Maisy and the following conversation ensued:

Remi: “Maisy is really cute.”
Ryan: “She really is, isn’t she?!”
Remi: “She’s fat.”

Fat? Naaaaw