What He Sayin’?: Vol. 5

I enticed Ryder into doing something crafty one day. This interaction will not paint me in the most carefree light. Anyway, here we go:
Caitlin: “Try not to put the ink on your fingers.”
Ryder: “It’s funny.”
Caitlin: “No, it’s not funny.”
Ryder: “It’s a little bit funny.”

It was.

Ryder was playing with a tape measure for quite a while one day. I asked him about it:
Caitlin: “What are you doing?”
Ryder: “Well, mostly I was walking around, back and forth, doing that stuff.”

The other night after dinner Ryder was doing some coloring in a book filled with animals. Here is the conversation that he and Ryan had about it:
Ryder: “What are those guys?”
Ryan: “coyotes.”
Ryder: “What do they eat?”
Ryan: “They’re scavengers. They eat lots of things – meat and other scraps.”
Ryder: “Maybe they eat salami?”…pause…”what do coyotes eat?”
Ryan: “Lots of things.”
Ryder: “Maybe they eat plants and rainbows?”

Maybe they do.