What He Sayin’?: Vol. 4

I was painstakingly pulling small bits of red pepper out of a black bean burger in the hopes Ryder would eat something for lunch. He wasn’t interested in the red peppers so I did what I could. I asked him if he might like to try a red pepper and this is what ensued:
Ryder: “No. I don’t want to eat them.”
Caitlin: “They’re good.”
Ryder: “I don’t like them, plus, I don’t like them.”

Not sure when this next quote happened exactly. It could really be any day, any time.
Ryder: “I want to see more trucks! It’s the most thing I want to see.”

One day we took the El train to visit a friend. Ryder was enthralled by the little adventure. When we got on the train he looked at me and said,
“The doors open, like by their self.”

One day I was trying to get us all out of the house. This is not easy. Even if everyone has peed, Maisy has a fresh diaper, etc., Ryder sometimes decides that he isn’t interested in leaving our place. Here is a small glimpse into one of these times:
Caitlin: “Let’s go on a walk.”
Ryder: “No thanks.”
Caitlin: “Well, Mommy and Maisy are going for a walk. Come on, let’s go!”
Ryder: “Maybe I will come meet you guys.”

He’s got some great ideas, I’ll give him that.