Missed Connections

These are screenshots from my phone.

Reach Out and Touch Someone

Reach Out and Touch Someone

Starting maybe about a year-and-a-half or two years ago, a rambling, and from the sound of his voice, older, gentleman called me enough times that I decided that I had to add him to my address book. As he and I hadn’t been formally introduced, I came up with the first, and what seemed most appropriate, name for him in my address book. Most of the time, he would leave a message, completely ignoring my outgoing message or deciding that despite evidence to the contrary, he was really leaving messages for his friends or family. On more than one voicemail, he repeatedly said, “I love you” on the message. And when I say repeatedly, I don’t mean that it was interspersed throughout the message. What I mean, actually, is that the whole message consisted of him repeating that same phrase, and only that phrase in a slightly-louder-than whisper voice. Then for a while, I didn’t hear from him. One of the later, more memorable messages was him asking me (on voicemail) if I’d remembered the van, either to pick him up with or to have fixed. I was never entirely sure. Then, a month ago or so, he reached out and called again.

And Share a Little Something


It was sad when I thought I had a new message from him, but in the end he hung up without saying a thing. Call me, Crazy Fucker. Let’s do this dance again.


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