What He Sayin’: Vol 09

Hi There

Hi There

Tonight while Caitlin was getting him ready for bed, he looked at her very earnestly and said, “I am sorry I had a rough day today”.

Ryder is in his ‘quiet time’, talking to himself.
Caitlin heard this:
Ryder: “What is your name? OH, Dr. Lechman, I see.”

Recently, Maisy was fussing. Ryder said the following:
Ryder said “It’s ok Maisy–your brother is right here.”

Ryder loves talking about what color things are. This conversation occurred with Ryder and I over the phone one day while I was at work.
Ryder: “What color would you get for a Honda Element?”
Ryan: “I’d probably get a grey one.”
Ryder: “My favorite color is green, and other colors.”

When Grandma Kitty is in town, we usually give Ryder the choice of whether he wants to sleep in his room or in our room. This is a conversation that happened once:
Caitlin: “Ryder, are you going to sleep in Mommy and Daddy’s room?”
Ryder: “Yes, because Grammy toots a lot.”*

In her defense, Grandpan Paul had been humorously brainwashing his grandson to believe (and repeat) that the above was indeed the situation.

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