Snow, Meet Skepticism.

Courtesy of Maisy. This is actually a very old picture of our girl, taken in the aftermath of great Chicago blizzard of 2011. AKA, Snowpocalypse Now, or Snowtorious B.I.G. So, it’s an old photo, but really since when have we done anything normal or timely with the posting of these images to the blog. (Answer: Hardly Ever). Either way, you’re welcome.

Snow Problem.

Dunno 'Bout This.

They’re Just Like Us

A few weeks ago (at least, making the lag time between the event and this post a source of frustration for Caitlin), I found myself in an AT&T store near my workplace. For the second time, I was trying to get a corporate discount applied to my account. I’m  minding my own business when my celebradar starts to blow up. I notice a dude that I think is Chicago’s own Ed Swiderski milling about in the store.

Ed Swiderski

This Dude.

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