Old School: Lap Nap

This is a very old picture of Ryder, asleep on my lap. It’s from our first Christmas vacation to California (as in, first with any children of our own), when he was just a teeny tiny guy. Like many posts, this picture just came up on the computer background and had to be shared. Also, we’re headed to California for a visit starting tomorrow, so it’s fun to put this up here as well. He doesn’t do this anymore, and Maisy stopped sleeping in our arms quite a while ago. But, I think you’ll agree, this picture is rad.

Lap Nap


Here’s an older picture of Ryder going to town on some Scooter’s frozen custard. Not frozen yogurt, or ice cream. Scooter’s wouldn’t be happy about being confused with those lesser entities. Ryder is pretty much cool with all of them though.

Hmm. What do we have here?