They’re Just Like Us

A few weeks ago (at least, making the lag time between the event and this post a source of frustration for Caitlin), I found myself in an AT&T store near my workplace. For the second time, I was trying to get a corporate discount applied to my account. I’m  minding my own business when my celebradar starts to blow up. I notice a dude that I think is Chicago’s own Ed Swiderski milling about in the store.

Ed Swiderski

This Dude.

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What He Sayin’? Vol. 6

Oh, Hello There.

Oh, Hello There.

Bedtime is always a bit of a scary endeavor, wondering how long it will take and if you’ll squeak by without a temper tantrum. On this particular night, it was all very unusually mature:

Caitlin: “Ok, let’s got get our books to read for bed.”
Ryder: “OH, I didn’t realize I was going to bed.”

Maisy was making some baby grunts while in the throws of pooping. This is the conversation that took place:
Caitlin: “Maisy is making a poop.”
Ryder: “Maisy is doing a poop. She’s squeezing it.”

Our babysitter Meredith has provided us with a few gems:
Ryder: “I smell Maisy.”
Meredith: “What does she smell like?”
Ryder: “A dog.”

Meredith was holding Maisy and this is what Ryder had to say about it:
“Maisy is trying to eat you. Maisy, please don’t eat Meredith!”