What He Sayin’: Vol 10

Ryder at Waters Park

Ryder at Waters Park

This conversation took place on a Wednesday.
Ryder: “You should change your shorts.”
Ryan: “Why? What’s wrong with these shorts?”
Ryder: “You’ve been wearing those shorts all the time.”
Ryan: “Well, I just put the same shorts on when I came home.”
Ryder: “I think maybe you can change them on Sunday.”

Caitlin and Ryder were recently discussing cars. Ryder started in with a question:
R: “What color Honda Element would you get?”
C: “Probably grey or light grey. Would you like that?”
R: “Well, my favorite colors are green and other colors.”

Ryder refers to his and others’ private parts and their “privacy.” He had this conversation with Caitlin one day.
R: “Girls have different shaped privacies.”
C: “That’s right – just a different shape.”
R: “Boys’ ones are long, like elephant trunks.”

I had this conversation with Ryder recently, after coming home from work.
Ryder: “What did you do today?”
Ryan: “I did work.”
Ryder: “On the computer?”
Ryan: “Yes, mostly.”
Ryder: “By pressing buttons?”

Ryder has developed a good working knowledge of many types of dogs, in spite of being intially terrorized by them. One day, he saw a big St. Bernard type dog on television. (He also understands and thing or two about dinosaurs and the natural order of things.) This conversation occurred when he saw the dog:
Ryder: “What’s the point of those flappers?”
Ryan: “Those are called jowls.”
Ryder: “Do you think they help scare away other creditors?”

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