Recommendation: Knocked Up

Knocked Up Movie Poster

Now, we don’t usually do recommendations on our website. But that’s no reason not to start now. I’ve had a few ideas about random things I’d like to tell people about, but until now, haven’t gotten around to it. Usually it’s all about Ryder’s latest exploits. Nevertheless, we feebly attempt to maintain some semblance of adult lives, in those few times where it remains possible – and as such, Caitlin and I saw the movie “Knocked Up.”

It’s a very funny film, and I believe the appeal extends not only to those who have kids or are in the middle of a pregnancy right now, but to people without kids. I can reasonably assert as much because I saw the film with a number of people who didn’t have kids and the verdict across the board was that it was enjoyed by all. I think the movie is funny while staying very real and manages to portray pregnancy and parenthood in a manner that doesn’t focus exclusively (or even very much) on the “wonderment of changing diapers.” I also think it’s funnier than Judd Apatow’s other recent film, The 40-Year Old Virgin. And that appeals to me. So if you’re reading this, take some time to go and see Knocked Up. You won’t regret it.


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